Our Origin Story

Smith Medicine was founded by Amy Smith and her husband BJ Smith. Dr Amy had been practicing Internal Medicine (adult primary care) since 2007 at Lankenau Medical Center. She was in solo practice and used to share an office with her dad, Dr Bill Miller. BJ Smith worked for an Orthopedic and Sports Medicine group in Bryn Mawr, Newtown Square, and Devon, from 2007-2012. When his group was bought out and assimilated into a large group, he took the opportunity to carve his own path. He moved into his wife's office and begin to build a Sports Medicine practice at Lankenau. Dr. Miller retired at the end of 2014, so the husband and wife continued on, providing quality care to their patients. 

Dr. BJ Smith shared an office/medical practice with his wife, Dr. Amy Smith for 6 years, some of the best times of his career. She is an Internist (adult primary care), and he does non-operative Sports Medicine. Together they ran their practice like a small family business. They were not owned by any hospital or health system. They had complete independence to use and refer to any imaging facility, physical therapy location, or specialist that they think will best help you and your issue (assuming your insurance allows, they don't have much say in that aspect). However, the state of healthcare in 2018-19 is not ideal, and ultimately the Doctors Smith (did you know Doctors is the fancy plural version, as one might address to married physicians on a wedding invitation?) decided the best choice for their families and careers was for Amy to cut BJ off like a benign growth and send him to work at the Rothman Orthopaedic Institute, where he started in June of 2018. Don't worry, they are still happily married. The only major difference is now BJ has a different boss at work than at home, where as before he had the same boss at both.


more to come...